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For most people, Peter was best known as Peter R. the crime reporter. The journalist who did his work fearlessly, tenaciously, decisively and in his 'own way'.
Respected by some and reviled by others. After the attack, it became clear to many that Peter was much more than that. That he also stood up 'behind the cameras' for minorities and victims, people who were at their wit's end and could not be heard by institutions. He answered literally every letter, every e-mail, every cry for help. If he saw that abuses and unsolved cases were not being dealt with (properly), he would take action. Letting go was not an option.

He did so much, lived so intensely, stuck his neck out so often, helped so many people, from a push to life changing moments.

And for me.... for me, he was my rock and the wonderful father of our children and my indispensable soulmate. Early this year, the need to paint him grew. Important to me was that I wanted to paint him as I remember him; loving, proud and curious, in the midst of his great legacy........ his great legacy.

I represented his legacy with countless newspaper articles. I started by processing his original birth newspapers: De Telegraaf (his first employer), De Volkskrant and the Algemeen Handelsblad (NRC) of 14 November 1956. I ended with De Telegraaf, from the day we had to say goodbye to him in Carré, 22 July 2021. This reflects the time in which he lived.

I then incorporated many newspaper articles reflecting his career as a crime reporter, writer and confidant of victims. I also processed many kind letters and reactions from concerned citizens, which had been deposited at the sea of flowers in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat and at Carré. It was comforting and heartwarming how the Netherlands responded en masse.

Peter was with regularity the watchdog over police and justice, his great sense of justice was his main motive, to highlight this side of him I incorporated parts of the Penal Code in his portrait. Of course, his humor and versatility are also reflected in the painting. I lovingly created it for our wonderful children Kelly and Royce.

The painting stays in the family but goes on loan to museum 'Beeld en Geluid' in Hilversum a beautiful place where everyone can see it. It was a beautiful and healing process for me, it is Peter as I will always remember him.

Jacqueline de Vries-Schuitenmaker
5 October 2022



the beautiful Indian women: Spring, Summer en Autumn


With this new series of paintings, I am responding to the major changes we are currently experiencing. Many of our habits and certainties have disappeared due to the Coronavirus and that feels 'bare'. But at the same time, we are also 'open' to new roads, possibilities and challenges...


is about the constant stream of news we are in. All news forms and Social Media determine our lives almost 24/7. I think it is important that we are aware that we do not always have to be 'on', that we can also turn that world 'off' for a while. That there may also be 'nothing' on a regular basis. In the Naked Truth I have therefore left a part unedited. Finding your balance in all the hectic...

120x140cm oil paint and mixed media


in a time of change and renewal we grasp and look back at what is familiar in our lives. Our past, our foundation, that is our foundation. Picturing the Past is therefore painted over dozens of photos from the past....our roots.

120x160cm oil paint and mixed media


is about the rich history of the nude in art. Over the centuries, many beautiful paintings of the female nude have been made. Botticelli (1484), Rembrandt (1654) and Breitner (1887) and many others have made beautiful nude paintings of women. Whether or not naked goes like a wave through time. Periods when a lot of nudity was visible and also times when it was covered with taboos. Histoire d'Or is about this beautiful history depicted in a contemporary woman. Nude isn't from the past or the future, it's just from always...

140x160cm oil paint and mixed media

THE TWINS, were bought by Johnny de Mol for one of his shows: "Half8". We found each other in what this painting stands for:

"In today's world it is becoming more and more difficult to expose yourself, to show who you are and what you stand for. Outwardly, we are becoming more and more alike, we choose what is safe. Hypes therefore become the norm and authenticity disappears. The painting is about this, apparently outwardly they are two identical women, but inwardly they are different. The painting emphasizes that we should not only look at the 'beautiful' outside, but above all that we should remain curious about who we are inside.


2 x 120x200cm oil paint and mixed media



Life flies by quickly. We are more likely to look ahead to what is to come than to enjoy what is now. My serie 'TRANSIENCE' is about that. All paintings in this collection share the color rust. Rust represents the aging processes, which, contrary to what people often think, can be very beautiful. There are elements of transience and beauty in every painting.

In my Studio&Gallery 'JAC', Kapelstraat 27 in Bussum I would like to tell you about my new collection. Contact me for an appointment

Our eyes can visibly express love, sadness, joy, surprise, humor, pain, emotion, excitement and desire.

I'm looking for that one look that touches me!

It is always a great challenge to make this into a powerful and beautiful PAINTING: an EYECATCHER.

I like to work in series, Ubuntu, Transience, Strong & Fragile. I would be happy to discuss all options with you


  • ' JAC's paintings are PURE, they also reflect her as a person. When she paints something, she does it from her heart and her feelings, we really experience that when we look at her creations. Every day we still enjoy her paintings a lot, it sounds crazy but they give you positive energy and that is what our friends who come to visit also say. She can paint eyes like no other, because those eyes see through everything, her portraits really come to life in all serenity and strength. Her use of materials makes it completely unique. '

    Rossana en Patrick Kluivert

  • 'Jac made me a painting depicting my beloved great-aunt in the 1950's. My aunt was a beautiful, flamboyant woman and artist at the time. Jac has managed to capture her strength, beauty and "catching eyes" in a beautiful way in this painting. The painting hangs in a prominent place in my house and every day I look with pleasure at the intense gaze, which makes me realize how much I have loved and learned this woman. I couldn't have wished for a better memory of her!'

    Wilma van Unen

  • 'We are both great admirers of JAC's work. The way she portrays people is impressive! It is mainly the eyes that splash off the canvas, as if the people are really looking at you...... The work that she, at our request, made completely selfless, especially for the Gala 2014 of the Foundation Muscles for Muscles of the football player Robin van Persie, was impressive and provided a lot of money for this Foundation". This also says something about the social involvement of this beautiful artist!'

    Truus en Louis van Gaal

  • 'Already 5 years ago I surprised my wife with her painting. And it is still literally and figuratively a beauty in our house. The toughness of the materials used, and also the style of painting. Jacqueline not only makes art with paint, but also gives the painting a soul!'

    Mike en Edith van der Laarse

  • 'At home on our terrace we have JAC GLASS: A free-standing glass object in a steel base. We have placed lighting behind this and the object is a beautiful piece of art in our garden both during the day and at night!'

    Richard en Irene Kleinsman

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